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September 14, 2020


Re:  Notice of Loan Approval


Dear Mr. and Mrs. _________ :


It is a pleasure to notify you that your application for purchase financing is pre-approved subject to the following matters set forth below. Please refer to the disclosure statements for related costs and terms.


      Purchase Price:                         $429,900

      Loan amount:                           $279,900         

      Loan term:                               360 Months

      Loan type:                                Conventional

      Interest rate:                             3.625%

      Loan to value:                          65%


      Transaction:                             Purchase         

      Occupancy:                              Owner Occupied

      Documentation:                        Full

      Conditions:                              All normal and customary closing

                                                      conditions including but not Limited to the


                                                      Final income and asset documents reviewed by

                                                      Underwriting & Sale of current Primary Residence.


In closing, this approval is subject to reconsideration if there is any material change in your financial condition, information provided in your application or the condition of the property. Please contact me to discuss any questions that you may have concerning this loan commitment notice. We look forward to assisting you throughout the purchase of your new home.


Cordially yours,                                   



By: Loan Officer Name

Its:  Title Senior Loan Officer

Direct Line:   Phone #

LO Name@AbleFinancialinc.Com